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Govt To Ban Industrial Action at Clockwork Plants

Ban Strike Action
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we are getting reports that Her Majesty's Government plans to ban all industrial action linked to the Clockwork dispute.

The move follows a big demonstration by trade unionists at the Latitude Festival

in Suffolk (UK), where a Department for the Advancement of Sciences Roadshow was hijacked by demonstrators.

Several top secret documents were stolen by the audience and handed over to the protestors, who in turn disclosed confidential details to the public.


Science Roadshow Thwarted by Trade Union Demo

Advancement of Sciences Roadshow
Story collated from eye witness reports

Attempts by Her Majesty's Department for the Advancement of Sciences to stage a roadshow showcasing its work on the Clockwork Project were thwarted by a Trade Unionis demonstration at the Latitude Festival, last week.

Members of the Union for the Casual Labourer, supported by Jack Ludd, Editor of The Spanner, travelled to Suffolk to protest in front of the Science roadshow. During the course of the day, the picketing unionists  coerced members of the public into spying on the beleaguered scientists, who were barricaded inside a marquee.

At one point secret papers and scientific instruments were smuggled out to trade unionists, who put them on display to highlight the hypocrisy of the whole event.

The Tomorrow's World Today Roadshow is the departments to showcase its Clockwork technology and rally public support around the project. The automata, being developed for workplace and domestic conditions, has led to an industrial dispute over job security.

Andy - The Men That Will Be Blamed For Nothing

Several artifacts handed over to the trade unionists include notes addressed to a group called The Men That Will Be Blamed For Nothing, and letters mentioning a mineral associated to the Saryn War.

There's no proof that this is the same substance that led to the disastrous expedition to Kazakstan, but the revelation is bound to reignite concerns that Advancement of Science remains the only government department outside parliamentary regulation.

Scientist Escapes

        Escaped Scientist

One eye witness claims to have followed one scientist into the Enchanted Forest, where he was given several confidential papers relating to the 'synaptic relay' work on the Clockwork Project.

It is rumoured that the scientist had a crisis of conscience and handed a file of secret documents to the Trade Unionists outside the roadshow.

His whereabouts are not known, but we aim to bring you the latest news on the debacle as soon as we have it.

This is the second time that the Department for the Advancement of Sciences has run into trouble at its public events. Guests stole the very first generation Clockwork Heart at the first show in May.


Department for the Advancement of Sciences Roadshow!


Scene From London Protest, Sketched by Artist Quill

Scene From London Protest Sketched by Artist Quill