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Special Report: The Clockworks Are Here!

May 13, 1906 ·

Clockworks are here! A special investigation by this newspaper has unearthed disturbing news of the existence of at least one fully functional Clockwork automata here in London. The device is similar to the ‘Artificial Adam’ model designed by the Department for the Advancement of Sciences several years ago.

It is not known how it got into the country or who it belongs to, but government sources claim it was not developed here. The automata was first spotted by someone during a disturbance in London’s East End, an area currently designated a no-go zone by the authorities.

Sources close to the government claim that a Clockwork Ownership Bill currently being rushed through in Parliament will put in place several safeguards and new laws governing the ownership and use of Clockwork automata in the UK.

One local resident we spoke claims to have seen several of these mechanical humans, doing tasks in the Backstreet Area around Angel. He said “they seem alright, but the ticking sound can be off-putting.

This news comes at a time of high tension around the country as people struggle with the dusk till dawn curfew introduced by the authorities in a bid to curtail the spread of public unrest.

Several Bishops in the House of Lords have tabled a motion to find out how the device was either built or smuggled into the country, and if there’s a record of how many actually exist.

With the change of season upon us, many hope that rising temperatures will lead to a reduction in fog, and raise public spirits as we get close to British Summer Time.

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