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Police Widen Search For Missing Mother and Child

August 7, 1906 ·

The Police have widened their search for a missing mother and her young daughter, from a family estate in Buckinghamshire.

They have started questioning members of the household, and would like to talk to a peers son, who is currently is out of the country on family business. It is believed he could be father of the missing child.

Special teams have continued to search the 20-acre estate, in Beaconsfield, while a second team are at the family house talking to staff. The operation has been hampered by the dusk till dawn curfew imposed as a result of public unrest and the weather.

Around 50 officers are believed to be working on the investigation, which is being coordinated by the Metropolitan Police.

A man arrested last week on suspicion of abduction, was this morning released on police bail.

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