East India Company Opens
The Country For Business


Britain opened for business today, as the East India Company’s campaign to lift the Government dusk till dawn curfew succeeded.

In a move that coincides with the launch of a special exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, the company is to showcase the influence of its trade and power, tracing the changing relationships between Britain and Asia.The event will be hosted by wife of the esteemed scientist Chan Ranbir - Tinku.

Mr Ranbir created the kinetic heart powering the latest version of Clockwork automata. The company claims that several trade delegations are already in talks with the Government about exporting the devices to other parts of the world.

It is known that Mrs Ranbir, who currently resides at the Queen’s House in Greenwich, does not have a Clockwork Servant in her household, but she claims to know more about the devices than your average person.

The Ranbir's were the first family to get a personal Clockwork, when they arrived in the country from India. The device called Ashwin, is currently with her son, Janav, at his boarding school.

It was initially hoped that her husband would open the event, but a spokesperson for the Department for the Advancement of Sciences said he was too busy to take time away from developing the next version of his successful kinetic heart module.

Tinku was chosen because of her knowledge of East India Company activities in India.

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"Clocking Off Late Edition" available at National Maritime Museum.

Wife of Indian Scientist To Host
East India Company Event


The East India Company event taking place at the National Maritime Museum next Thursday, is to be hosted by Tinku Ranbir, wife of esteemed scientist Chan Ranbir.

This will be the second time Mrs Ranbir has represented her husband at a public event. The scientist is thought to be developing a new kinetic heart to power the latest batch Clockworks.

The event, which is now penned as a kickstarter for British exports, will showcase the influence of the East India Company, and its current successes selling Hodgson's India Pale Ale and various automata to overseas markets.

A spokesperson for the event, said that Mrs Ranbir is one of a few people best placed to talk about doing business with parts of Asia, as she understands the culture.

The evening promises to be a combination of trade successes, history, heritage, and a few surprises.



Government To Lift Curfew


The government is to lift the nationwide 'dusk till dawn' curfew introduced when a pea-souper fog made life in some places almost impossible, and riots broke out around the country. Official sources claim improved air quality and lighter fog has led to better conditions.

New laws were rushed through Parliament last year, in a bid to help the police regain control of certain ’No-Go’ zones in parts of the country, especially London's East End.

The disturbances started when pollution rose to dangerous levels, and people were urged to stay indoors. Many businesses went bust, and basic necessities became hard to find.

Emergency services were called to deal with respiratory illnesses, and several thousand people died.

This announcement has drawn criticism from groups concerned about public safety. Many claim this development is to help promote an event hosted by an influential British company with strong links to government.


Clockwork Incident At London Factory


Police were called to an incident at an East London factory last night, when officials from the Department for the Advancement of Sciences (DAS) were denied access to a malfunctioning Clockwork Servant.

The owner of the premises claims the device is his property, and that the scientists were trespassing on his estate.

The Clockwork, one of several that have replaced the human workforce at the factory, is thought to have developed a unique problem, which Government scientists want to investigate.

Reports say the stand-off continued into the night, and is yet to be resolved.



Traders to the World:
East India Company Event Announced


The East India Company is to promote its activities, and those of its trading partners around the world, at a show in London on November 13th.

The event will showcase the influence of its trade and power, tracing the changing relationships between Britain and Asia.

The East India Company transports key commodities to different locations and many people around the world. Its recent success in championing the sale of Hodgson's Indian Pale Ale, and Clockwork Automata has made it one of the the world's most successful companies.

Hosted by a special guest, the event will run for one evening in the Traders Room at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.